Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida, Inc. is a unique community program, operated and administrated by citizens through a Board of Directors. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer civilian organization, supported solely on contributions from private citizens, social and civic groups, and local businesses.

Download a Complete list of Board Members, Trustees, Liaisons, & Partners.

<span style="color:black;">Ann Breidenstein<br />President</span>
Ann Breidenstein - President
<span style="color:black;">Thomas Bexley<br />President-Elect</span>
Thomas Bexley - President-Elect
<span style="color:black;">Althea Kennedy<br />V.P. Programs</span>
Althea Kennedy - V.P. Programs
<span style="color:black;">Anna Hackett<br />V.P. Communications</span>
Anna Hackett - V.P. Communications
<span style="color:black;">Edward Fuller<br />VP of Resource Development</span>
Edward Fuller - VP of Resource Development
<span style="color:black;">Bart Leek<br />Treasurer</span>
Bart Leek - Treasurer
<span style="color:black;">Sabrina Crosby<br />Secretary</span>
Sabrina Crosby - Secretary